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      Refractory Castable
      Refractory castable is a mixture of powdered material composed of a variety of aggregate particles or aggregates and one or more adhesive agents. Refractory castables are mainly used to build all kinds of heating furnace lining.


      Description of Refractory Castable:


      Refractory castable belongs to stereotypes. It is a mixture of powdered material composed of a variety of aggregate particles or aggregates and one or more adhesive agents. Refractory castable must be stirred with one or more kind of liquid when someone uses, and has strong liquidity and plasticity.


      Refractory Castable Types:


      Refractory castable is mainly divided according to porosity, binders and assortment of aggregate.


      According to porosity, Refractory castable is divided into dense refractory castable and fire-resistant insulation refractory castable which has porosity of less than 45%.  


      According to binders, Refractory castable is divided into hydrsulic bonding , chemical bonding, cohesion binding refractory castable.




      According to refractory aggregate, Refractory castable is divided into clay aggregate (Al2O3 30% ~ 45%), high alumina aggregate (Al2O3% 26ge; 45%), siliceous aggregates (SiO2% 26ge; 85%, Al2O3% 26lt; 10 %), alkaline aggregate (with magnesia, dolomite, etc.), special aggregate (carbon, carbides, spinel, zircon, nitrides, etc.) and insulation aggregate (perlite, vermiculite stone, ceramic, floating beads, light brick sand, porous clinker, alumina hollow ball,etc).



      Main Origin in China:

      Gongyi City, Henan Province; Luoyang City, Henan Province; Chaohua Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province; Dengfeng City, Henan Province; Yangquan City, Shanxi Province; Zibo City, Shandong Province.



      Application of Refractory Castable:


      Refractory castables are mainly used to build all kinds of heating furnace lining. Some also can be applied for smelting furnace. For example, aluminate cement refractory castable can be used in a variety of furnaces and other no residue, no-acid erosion of thermal devices. In that molten iron, steel and slag erosion and high temperature parts, such as a steel tank, ladle furnace and blast furnace body, iron ditch, etc., users can use pure calcium alumina cement and bound by the high alumina refractory granular and powdered materials to make refractory castable. Phosphate castable can be widely used for metal heating furnaces and soaking furnace, coke oven, as well as using in cement kilns in direct contact with materials. In metallurgical furnaces and other containers with slag and molten metal, the use of high-quality phosphate castable repair also have good results.


      In some no need very high temperature and high wear resistance required parts, the use of phosphate castable is more appropriate. Corundum refractory castable can be a good choice in a reducing atmosphere.



      Magnesia-chrome refractory castable has excellent resistance to alkaline slag, which is widely used on continuous casting and refining ladle purging. In use, the bulk of the material discharges harmful ingredients Cr6 + and pollute the environment. Thus, in recent years, people develop chromium-magnesia type refractory castable. More successful one is magnesium zirconium refractory castable, here we introduced the titanium-containing magnesium aluminum refractory castable. These materials are expected to replace the magnesia-chrome refractory castable.

      Magnesium aluminum titanium refractory castable is made with 95 fused magnesia for refractory aggregate, the critical diameter is 5mm. Refractory powder is made from 95 fused magnesia powder, calcined alumina powder and titanium dioxide powder 98, Plus binders and dispersing agents. Weighing all kinds of raw materials mixing with water, processed by vibration moldingand nature conservation, and finally determine its performance.
      The 1000 ℃, 1400 ℃ and 1600 ℃ after burning compressive strength are about 40MPa, 110MPa and 115MPa, 1600 ℃ after firing line change is about -0.82%.


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      Over years development, refractories products have increased in varieties, covering mid-end and high-end series. Our refractory products are of high quality winning much trust and praise of customers from South Korea, India, Qatar, Indonesia and other countries.

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